Before and After School Clubs

After School Activities

What’s included?

After School programmes are run over a 4-6 week period & take place following school on the afternoon of your choice. Football is the predominant selection although the content of the course can be adjusted accordingly. After School activities can be run for 1 or 2 hour periods.

Payment can be made via the school or typically by parents. All correspondence is supplied by LMA Academy.

Breakfast Club/Lunch Club

What’s included?

Breakfast Club operates on the same basis of an After School but takes place 1 hour prior to school. LMA Academy staff will provide an hour of activity from basic movement & agility to team games & mental challenges. Dependant on facilities LMA Academy staff can provide toast & squash.

Lunch Club is a service that we offer in order to provide children with a sporting alternative to keep everyone occupied and entertained. As a company we have delivered Lunch Club for the past two years and have found that it helps the children socially as well as sharing responsibilities with lunchtime staff.